You Have A Purpose Dear


A successful craftsman decides he’s going to sit down and make an invention that will surely bring him praises throughout the world.  All he has ever wanted is for people to see how wonderful and loving he really is and accept the great qualities he possess.  Everyday he wakes up with a new creation in mind and after he finishes his creation he sits it on a stand outside his house for onlookers to see.  For years people disregarded him as well as his inventions but this time things will be different, this time people are going to acknowledge his invention because it is nothing short of greatness!  The craftsman takes his time molding and providing his creation with everything it needs to operate on it’s own. Once his invention is complete, he takes it to town and shows everyone what he has made.  The people in his town ridiculed him and told him it was junk and a piece of nothing that will never work.  But there was one particular man in town who took notice of the craftsman invention and bought into it.  The craftsman gave him the invention as a gift and the man put it to good use.  Soon everyone in town wanted a part of the invention because they could now see the potential of such a creation and the craftsman was praised for his work.  Now, picture yourself as the invention that people talked about and called junk.  Think about how people said you would never amount to anything but yet The Craftsman, The King of Kings, The Lord of Lords, The Most High, The Most Powerful, The One and Only God said that “you” are the invention that will change the world and bring Him glory.  Everyone has a purpose in life that God created us specifically for.  He made you unique, He made you different, He put you in a different environment because “this time” things will be different.  This creation (you) will bring change to the world! This creation will prove that I Am, that I Am and I Am God.  He allowed you to be beaten and scrutinized so that when He cleans you up no one can deny how great you truly are and all praises will go to Him.  Who cares what they said about you?  You are God’s creation, you have purpose!  Exodus 9:16 states “But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.”  The enemy will do everything in his power to stop you from fulfilling your purpose.  He knows that some people he must begin attacking during childhood to fill their hearts and mind with fear, doubt, hatred, ignorance, jealousy, emptiness, heartache, guilt, etc. because he understands that if he allows you to be who God called you to be there isn’t a demon in hell that could come against you.  That’s right, the devil doesn’t fight fair, he comes to kill, steal, and destroy.  Therefore, he begins to torment you early in an attempt to stop you.  The devil knows who you are but do you know who you are?  If not, that’s okay because God knows exactly who you are and why He created you.  All you have to do is surrender to Him and His purpose for your life and watch things turn around

Isaiah 25:1 LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.



6 thoughts on “You Have A Purpose Dear

  1. Don your mining hat, sister, put on those steel-nosed boots, switch on your headlamp. Enter your daughter through her eyes, abseil down into the deepest corners of her soul. See the glimmering eyes glaring at you…..scary, eh? Get closer, my dear sister, don’t be afraid now. Reach out and touch those eyes, you will find they are just gemstones, dull and unshaped, that need to be taken to the surface. Cut shape and polish, until His reflecting is visible. Take these gems to His crown.

    The hidden gems inside our young, inside our peers and inside our seniors are the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the empowerment to succeed in who we are destined to be. Read Exodus 35:3-5 and also 36:1.

    Thanks for your most awesome blogs.

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