Daddy’s Little Girl

She grew up with no father leaving a void in her heart.  For years, she daydreamed about the day he would finally show up and tell her how much he loved her.  Who cares about why he was away for so long, she was willing to forgive because she wanted him so badly.  As time passed by she realized he was never going to show up and she unconsciously looked towards others to fill that void in her heart.  Somewhere else in the world, there’s another little girl without a father and not much of a mother.  Every other month there is a new man in her life but none of them seem to stick around.  One day her mom introduced her to a really nice man who treated her like a princess and she believed all of her dreams were coming true.  He allowed her to call him “daddy” and she grew closer to him than her own mother, since she never had time for her anyway.  Nine years old and everything felt perfect until her new “daddy” raped her, to make matters worse her mother didn’t believe a word she said.  Her “daddy” continued to have his way with her until she ran away at fourteen.  So, young and tender she did what she had to do to survive.  Believe it or not, on your street or in your neighborhood there’s another little girl who is being molested by her own father.  He sneaks in her room at night and expose her to things she has no business knowing as a child, nor experiencing with her father.  He abuse her sexually, emotionally, mentally, and sometimes physically attempting to make her believe he touches her because he loves her.  These same little girls grow up to be young women with internal scars that only God can heal.  If only they had a man of integrity in their life to protect them, love them and teach them what a real man was all about.  If only daddy would have stepped up and did the best he could as a parent, maybe their lives would have been different.  Daddy didn’t have to be rich, they just “needed” him present and doing his parenting duties.  There are little sixth grade girls having sex, traveling down a road of terror and confusion looking for love that daddy denied them.  There are sixteen year old girls with aspirations to be video vixens, the next big porn star, or booty models because they were involuntarily taught that they were sex symbols, sending their bodies into sexual overdrive, lesbianism, promiscuity and God knows what else.  Sadly, it doesn’t stop there, there are grown women struggling with a wild nature that they can’t seem to control, crying their eyes out at night because they hate what they are doing but can’t seem to stop.  Overtaken by what daddy did to them or struggling with not having the pleasure of even knowing him.  Battling to keep their legs closed when they’ve been open since they were a little girl, whether they wanted it or not.  The list can go on and on as to why many women are the way that they are. The next time you enter a strip club to watch a woman take off her clothes, degrading her body and self-image for cash, remember she has a story!  It may not be the story of this blog but her story is just as real.  The next time you call a young girl or a grown woman “a hoe,” remember that she has a story!  The next time you lust over the lady twerking on a video half naked, remember she has a story!  Society is so quick to label you unworthy but they never stop to ask about your story.  Yes, you should carry yourself with respect but how can you with a soul filled with severe internal wounds?  That hoe has a name and behind her name is a powerful story/testimony that can save many others who are struggling in the same areas if only they can find the light of Jesus.  He’s a healer, He’s a redeemer, He’s a deliverer, He’s the best father a girl could ever have and more!  Then, to make it all better He loves you right where you are regardless of any label society has placed on you.  That my beautiful Queen is something to rejoice about.  Like the songs says “Turn it over to Jesus, He’ll work it out.”

Romans 8:37-39  Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.  For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.


4 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. This is so true! More fathers do need to be in their daughters lives because if they aren’t seeing a positive example of a man or what a real man is, they will end up on the wrong path in life and looking for love in all the wrong places! Great blog.

    • It takes a community to raise a child. My wife and I are “parents” to scores of teenagers, young adults who come to work in the city, or from afar. Some from other countries far up in Africa. So my heart children are from Angola to Zimbabwe. And they are all precious, beautiful and I sometimes think that DNA will even show I’m their daddy. Some are tall, some are short, some are fair, some are dark, all are just beautiful and my wealth in life. I don’t care for the ball game, nor for movies or car racing, but I spend time polishing jewels for His crown.

      Daddies, wake up! You insure your car and your home but let the dogs out on your most valuable treasures. Daddies: get a life, get THE LIFE! Be there for your young; they need you.

  2. I have acted as father for many, over the internet but later also back home. I did not always get it right and I sometimes made mistakes, yet I made sure that I was there for them, 24/7. I always told them to fill their void with Jesus first and to make sure that their BF is also filled by Jesus first. Then the one will not need to fill a void neither can, as humans are too broken to fix others. Only Jesus heals.

    Are you in in African-American community? I am in South Africa and I have always been impressed to see how slaves embraced the gospel, the wonderful songs that came from there and, despite the human rights abuses, African Americans also brought music and spirituality to the New World in ways nobody else could.

    Back home, in Cape Town, I frequently see how Xhosa people and others from elsewhere in Africa worship God and then I wonder: where did the white man lose the gospel he had brought here? My ancestors had to flee from France, persecuted for their faith and came here. Over the past forty years or so, my tribe became more or less god-less and have nothing to believe in. It is sad to see an entire ethnic group go to waste, because they once held God in the shirt pocket to show Him off to others, or to threaten others with Him. But they never knew Him. Maybe a century ago, or more, we Afrikaners lost our faith. it is only a handful who still truly follow Him.

    I met Jesus, or He found me, one evening in a little church where we were illegally together, with all races present, in defiance of apartheid laws. Bit of an anti-conformist, I am. So I went home a new man, not what I anticipated on my way in.

    Today, I see it as significant because this is who I am today, totally integrated into a very cosmopolitan community and “on earth as it is in heaven.”

    Racism is rife here – you may have seen the “xeonophobia” where black Africans kill other black Africans, which is sad. Racism has been present even before the Settlers arrived, as black tribes moved south from higher up in Africa, some brutally murdering peace-loving herdsman and pastoral villagers on their way down. I so wish that we could have true revival as not all the politics in this world will ever solve this.

    Today, I honour those former slaves who had withstood so much and who still gave us expanding Christian communities, jazz, the blues, R&B, reggae, ska, the saxophone and big hugs and bigger smiles. May our Lord Jesus overwhelm you with His love and let Him bless you with such an overdose of His spirit that even the dead graves shake at hearing His wonderful name. The sacrifices were not in vain, as even today we are inspired by those unfortunate victims.

    Africans are still being sold as slaves, to new monetary colonialists who rape the continent and then get away with their abuse going unchallenged. Any such injustice, not just rape, gets this man’s blood boiling.

    Back to the beautiful young ladies: a girl is never sexy and a girl is never hot. A lady is genteel, a lady is mysterious, even mystical and a lady is an angel in disguise. Don’t make dogs drool over your bones as you ain’t no dog food!

    (I love Eric Clapton and Nathan East, amongst others.)

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