“Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold”

A mini story of how one discovers that God’s way is the right way

*Ring. Ring.*  “Hello?” Alexis answered.  “Hello, beautiful.  How’s my girl day going?” Deon asked.

Sighing, Alexis responded “Baby things are so stressful in the office today and I have a pile of paperwork to complete before I get off.”

“Well, don’t you worry about that sweetie I have a beautiful evening planned out for you tonight that’s going to blow your mind” Deon replied.  “Really Deon?  What is it? Tell me.  Tell me!” Alexis demanded full of excitement.  Laughing Deon responded “I’m not telling but I will tell you that tonight will be a night you will never forget.  Have I ever let you down before?” he asked.

“No, you haven’t that’s why I’m so excited!  Ohh, Deon I love you so much!  You always manage to keep a smile on my face” Alexis said.  “That’s my job baby, now get back to work while I finish preparing everything for your special evening.  It’s all about you tonight and I love you too girl” Deon replied before he and Alexis said their goodbyes.

Alexis felt like the luckiest woman on earth.  Out of her thirty-four years of living and countless relationships she had finally found a man who treated her like a queen.  She met Deon at the supermarket a year ago when she accidentally ran him over with her basket.  He was such a gentleman, full of charm and charisma.  They exchanged numbers and have been inseparable every since.  After three months of dating she decided to introduce him to her parents who approved of their relationship until they started “shacking up.”  Her God fearing mother believes it is better to do it God’s way than your own way but Alexis isn’t feeling that at all.  Why should she wait until marriage when Deon is such a good man?  Of course Deon didn’t want her parents to dislike him or their relationship and offered to move out but Alexis wasn’t having it.  There was no way she was going to allow her “Bible toting” mother to step in the way of her relationship.  Besides, the talk of marriage and a family had finally come into the picture so it shouldn’t matter at this point anyway.  Once they say “I do” they will be back in the will of God and everyone will be happy, Alexis thought.

“Oh my God!!  What if tonight is the night that Deon decides to propose?” Alexis asked herself as she sat in her cubicle, twirling around in her chair.  Five o’clock can’t get here fast enough she thought anxiously.

Five o’clock finally rolls around and Alexis rush to clock out.  Once she pulls into her driveway, she takes a few seconds to practice her ‘surprise look’ for when Deon proposes.  After deciding on the perfect reaction, she makes her way to the front door.  As soon as she opens the door, she is greeted by the aroma that the candles are giving off and jazz music playing in the background.  The thick curtains are blocking the sunlight, leaving the living room dark, the only light coming from the many candles neatly placed around the room.  A note at her feet instructs her to follow the direction of the rose petals, which first leads her to another note on her coffee table.

“Take off your heels and put on the slippers directly under the coffee table and follow the rose petals into the kitchen”

Taking off her heels as the note instructed her to, Alexis is about to burst with excitement.  She can hardly wait to see what Deon has up his sleeve this time.  Following the rose petals led her to the kitchen stove where a meal was prepared of lobster and salad, a simple meal that Alexis absolutely loved.  Next, to the stove on the counter was another note:

“I hope you are pleased with the meal I have prepared for you.  Lobster, your favorite right?  Grab your plate and dine at the table.  There should also be a chilled bottle of wine on the table ready for you to pop open.  I know you’re excited but it gets better.”

Oh, wow Deon has out did himself this time.  He knows how much I love lobster, Alexis says out loud to herself.  She wonders if he’s in the back hiding as she enjoys her meal and wine.  As she’s eating, she can’t help but notice how much wax has burned on the candles.  Hmm, that’s interesting, that crazy boy probably lit these candles way ahead of time.  Giggling to herself, she thought about how silly Deon could be.  After finishing her meal she quickly grabbed the next note off the dining table…

“I hope you enjoyed that baby and don’t worry dessert is on the way.  Follow the rose petals into your bathroom 😉 “

Squirming, Alexis contemplate on forgetting all about those stupid notes and diving straight into her bed but she wants to take a bath first and brush any possible lettuce out of her teeth.  Approaching her bathroom, she noticed her bedroom door is closed and since her bathroom isn’t in her bedroom she knows she has to deal with the agony of waiting to see Deon on the other side of the bedroom door.  Picking up the note on the bathroom sink she begins to read:

“I picked up your favorite bubble bath from Victoria’s Secret.  Take it out of the bag and run yourself a hot bubble bath.  Take as much time as you need to, remember tonight is all about you.  Also, in the bag is a beautiful silk robe for you to put on after your bath…notice it matches your slippers.  Once you finish you can head into the bedroom for the big finish 😉 “

“Hmph, and my mama said what we’re doing isn’t right.  Child please, if loving Deon is wrong, I don’t want to be right!”  Stepping  in the hot water after doing as the note instructed, Alexis is on fire.  This bath won’t be taking long at all!  She lays back in the tub and soak as she munchies on the chocolate covered strawberries Deon has provided.  Fifteen minutes later, Alexis is in her robe heading into her bedroom.  She’s too excited to even dry off, so her robe is sticking to her like glue.  “Deon, baby where are you?  I can’t take anymore notes” she yelled out.  There was no answer, only a note on her bed surrounded by more rose petals.

“Alexis baby, I’m sure by now you realize I’m not there and no I won’t be showing up anytime soon.  I hope you enjoyed the little nightcap I put together for you.  It’s the least I could do after the year we have had together.  I must say out of all the women I’ve had since discovering I was HIV positive you were the best one.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that when I first met you but you know how that is…Well, at least you do now.  I mean, what can I say?  I’m not dying with this thing alone.  Don’t waste your time looking for me, by the time you see this I’ll be on a plane heading to elsewhere.  Have a nice night! 

PS. You may want to get check.

Alexis dropped to the floor screaming hysterically.

And the moral of this story is simple, Do It God’s Way. I hope you enjoyed the read!

Jeremiah 18:10  And if it do evil in my sight and does not obey me, then I will reconsider the good I had intended to do for it.



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