Power Couple


Tall, dark, and handsome…bold, courageous, and fearless…powerful, anointed, yet caring.  My pastor is the truth as he walks confidently into a room and humbly grace others with his wisdom only to exit and leave onlookers at awe from his charisma.  He sets the bar high for what a man of God should be.  He disciplines and pushes his flock into greatness and expects nothing less, for he see’s the potential we possess.  Every Sunday he works the altar praying for individuals contagiously spreading hope and faith into our hearts.  In the pulpit there is no one like him who can give such exegesis of the text.  However, I can not leave out his exquisite wife “The LaShawn Traylor.”  She carries herself with the prestige and elegance of the powerful business woman that she is.  It is amazing how confident she is, wrapped beautifully in humility.  Beauty and brains, faithful and anointed, compassionate and understanding, yes she is truly the best.  You may see her cruising in her Jaguar tending to Kingdom business, rocking a flower in her hair that gives that extra “umph” to her look.  This duo have taught me so much in the short period of me knowing them.  They have set the bar high simply by their lifestyles.  Not only do they talk the talk but many can attest that they too walk the walk.  Together these two form a powerful compound that makes demons tremble with fear every time their eyes open in the morning granting them another opportunity to do God’s will.  They have endured so much over the years and their perseverance is what has them celebrating 16 years of marriage as of today.  What a blessing it is to have Pastor Lionel J. Traylor and Minister LaShawn Y. Traylor as the head of our house.  I believe there are people who actually sleeps on the greatness that they carry but in due time it shall be revealed.  They started from the bottom, now they’re here and God has so much in store for them.  I’m excited and grateful to be a part of their lives as well as their ministry.  I believe in these two as a couple as well as individuals.  I’m following the vision!  Happy Anniversary Pastor & First Lady!! ❤

“Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Earlene J.


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