Hidden ENVY!

 Angela sits on her plush bed painting her toenails as her worship music fills and sets the atmosphere in her small bedroom.  She sings along reflecting on how good God has been to her throughout the years.  Right when her spirit is really beginning to open up, the phone rings.  Leaning over her nightstand, she picks it up, “Hello” she answered.

“Hi Angela! What have you been up to?” the caller asked.  It was Angela’s high school friend who she hadn’t spent much time with since giving her life to God.

“Oh Janice, how are you?  I’m great! I can’t complain, God is good, you know?” Angela replied.

“Yeah…yeah, He is” Janice responded hesitantly.  It was still a little awkward hearing her childhood friend speak so freely about God.  Janice couldn’t understand how Angela could just snap her fingers and change everything about herself by simply going to church on the regular.  Deep down Janice believed Angela was already perfect and she burned with envy!  Every since they were kids Angela received more attention, better grades, better brands of clothing, more accomplishments, better looking boyfriends and the list goes on and on.  Janice focused so much on Angela’s accomplishments that she failed to notice the sacrifices and work she put in to received those things.  Although they had been very close friends at one point, there were things about Angela that Janice had no clue about.  For she wanted to walk in her shoes but the truth of the matter is that she wouldn’t last one day.  Janice despised every aspect of Angela yet, she kept coming around.  The more time she spent with her, the more jealousy grew in her core.  Now that Angela was living for God, she stopped doing many of the things she once entertained, making her a “goody two-shoes,” which only made Janice more furious.  The closer Angela got to God, the closer satan got to Janice.

Unbeknownst to Angela, Janice wasn’t calling to catch up on old times but to get revenge for the years of inferiority she believed Angela placed upon her.  For weeks Janice and a friend known as Buck had been plotting on kidnapping Angela and breaking her down to nothing, just because.  The rage and envy inside of Janice had driven her to a point of no return.  All she could picture was how she and Buck were going to beat Angela, demolishing that pretty face that held the brightest smile that could radiate light into any room.  Buck went as far as to draw out a blueprint for how they would lure Angela into their trap where he secretly planned to rape her for his own sick and twisted pleasure.

“I was thinking, you and I haven’t spent much time together and I was wondering if you would like to hang out Friday night.  Maybe catch a movie or grab a bite to eat,” Janice stated, hoping Angela would take the bait.

“I don’t know Janice, I may not be up for that” Angela said, not having the desire to spend a lot of time around Janice but not wanting to say it plain.

“It’s just a movie, Christians can watch movies right?  And you can even pick what we’ll see, it’s my treat.  I really miss my friend, come on, one movie” Janice pressed.

Giving in, “Okay, I’ll go but I have to be back by ten o’clock and no later” Angela demanded.

“By nine-thirty you’ll be back in bed” Janice said as a wicked smiled crept across her face.  She then called Buck to inform him that their plan may work after all.

Friday night quickly rolled around and Angela prepared her mind for her outing.  Kneeling on her bedside, she began to say a special prayer for her friend Janice.

“Lord before I make any requests I first humble myself before You and ask You to forgive me for any sins I may have committed on today.  I’m sure You know that Janice and I are planning to hang out this evening and I pray that throughout the night she can see You through me.  Give me the right words to say to encourage her to get to know You for herself.  Help her in any areas that may be troubling her, for there’s a fight for her soul and she doesn’t even know it.  Protect us both throughout the night and I pray for a positive atmosphere wherever we go.  Lord I love You with all my heart! In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

Angela drove to Janice house where she was convinced it would be better to ride with Janice since it was her treat.  On the ride to the movie theater the two caught up on all the things they had missed.  Their bond actually felt real but the night wasn’t over just yet.

After leaving the movies, the two decided to grab something to eat and reminisce about the good old days.  As they sat across from each other their minds were in two different places.  Janice was a mixture of nerves and excitement as she realized the time was nearing for her plot to come full circle.  She hoped everything would go as smoothly as they had planned.  Angela on the other hand, sat searching for the right words to say to witness to Janice in hopes that she would find interest in getting to know God or at least accepting an invitation to church.

The two chatted and enjoyed their meals and Angela began to feel more relaxed, not knowing the turn of events that were about to take place.  One paid the bill while the other one tipped then, off they were, heading back to Janice’s house.  Janice text Buck to inform him to get in position as Angela sat quietly in the passenger seat.  The closer they arrived to Janice house the more anxious she became as her palms began to sweat and her food threatened to come back up.

“Are you okay? You don’t look so good” Angela asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine, it’s just a little hot in here” Janice replied.  Arriving to their destination, Janice pulled into her driveway debating if she wanted to back out of her plan or not. “Well, this was a nice outing, maybe we can do it again sometime” Angela stated cheerfully as she prepared to exit the car.  She noticed Janice appeared a bit strange but thought nothing of it.  Brushing it off, she opened her door and a male figure in dark clothing emerged from the bushes immediately rushing towards her.  Fear gripped her heart, freezing her in place and what should have been a scream got lost in her throat somehow, when suddenly, he came to a screeching halt.  Time seem to sit still as all three individuals try to understand what was taking place.  Angela trembled terribly as she recognized the male standing in the dark, less than 2 feet away from her.  She couldn’t see his face but for whatever reason, instantly she knew it was Buck, a guy Janice mentioned a time or two in the past.  She had never met him a day in her life but everything in her told her that he was the stranger staring at her intensely.  She noticed how calm Janice sat, not moved the least bit by some guy jumping out of her bushes and tears began to flow from her eyes out of fear of what was happening and why.  Too afraid to speak she called on the name of Jesus inwardly, asking Him to save her.  All of a sudden, Buck started running back into the bushes as if he was the one in danger.  Angela and Janice sat flabbergasted at the turn of events as tires screeched in the distance.

“What the heck was that about Janice?!” Angela asked in hysteria.  Janice broke down and confessed what she originally planned, leaving Angela in complete disbelief.  Running to her car, Angela drove away never looking back, filled with sorrow and relief, thanking God for keeping her.  She told her family of the horrific event and they comforted her causing a sense of safety to shield her.

Later that night, Janice received a threatening phone call from an enraged Buck.  “Who were those big freaks you had outside of your house tonight?” he asked accusingly.

“What are you talking about?  No one was out there stupid!” Janice replied irritated, not understanding what Buck was talking about.

“Janice stop playing with me.  When I see you, you’ll be sorry!” Buck stated.  “Buck you’re the one who dashed off like a mad man!  We were the only people out there!!” Janice yelled.

“Shut up!  You tried to set me up!  No one was there when I got in position but when you two showed up, three big giants with a shield and a big stick was surrounding your car!  Janice I don’t know what type of game you’re playing but you’ve messed with the wrong one!  You’re a dead woman when I see you!” Buck stated before ending the call.  Janice was clueless, there was no way a giant, let alone three giants could have been surrounding her car and no one saw it.  “Buck is on drugs, that’s for sure” Janice thought out loud.

A week later she was found dead behind a dumpster and two days after her death Buck was shot and killed during a drug invasion.

“Touch not mine anointed!”  The evil that they intended for one of God’s children reversed in a major way.

Psalm 91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

~Earlene J.