#SideLine Crew


It seems when you are trying to follow your dreams by stepping out on faith there is always that “SideLine” Crew with negative  things to say.  Often times God gives us visions that requires us to alter certain behaviors about ourselves to allow our gifts to flow uninterrupted by our own silly actions.  So, we choose to trust God, it’s definitely a choice, and began to work on the areas that needs improvement: confidence, attitude, anger, dress code, speech, etc.  Suddenly, we look to the left and notice the SideLine Crew mocking us.  Who is the SideLine Crew?  These are the individuals who attempts to speak death to your vision.  These are the people who finds your failure humorous.  These are the people who sees your resilience as disgusting.  These are the same people who dare you to speak life over your current situation and hates to see you thrive after a disappointment.  They come in all shapes and sizes but their agenda is the same.  Unfortunately, we (“we” consist of those who are earnestly trying to do something productive with our lives without trotting disgracefully over others) tend to give the SideLine Crew too much of our time by actually worrying about their opinions.  Anyone who is not willing or incapable of uplifting another individual to do something positive isn’t worth the time we so easily give to them.  We already battle with that little voice in our minds that maybe we’re not good enough therefore, entertaining a group of people standing behind the ropes as we walk the red carpet to destiny should be out of the question.  God already equipped us with the things we needed to do the job once we gave Him a “yes” to His will.  With that being said, every once in a while we need to stop and ask ourselves why do we care what they say.  Truth be told, people are going to have something negative to say regardless of what decisions we make.  We all have a different story, a different journey, a different vision, and a different perspective which allows us to be unique in our own right.  Our journey is not to be understood or accepted by the SideLine Crew!

The SideLine Crew is exactly where they should be, ON THE SIDE!  They’re not doing anything so they don’t want us to do anything or they don’t want us to overshadow their little accomplishments.  How envious the SideLine Crew can be as they secretly wish they had the zeal and courage we do as we tackle one challenge after another.  If you really want to know who’s really for you start making money and focusing more on your future than everyday foolishness…start minding your own business and feeding your spirit with the Word of God along with other informative reads and watch how some people begin to fall by the waist side.  However, don’t be confused, everyone won’t fall without developing bitterness so, just remember to place them behind the rope with the rest of the SideLine Crew.  In this season, we cannot afford to be distracted by any means.  Know what you want and go and get it!  If for any reason you must look over at the SideLine Crew, let it be to flash a smile as a reminder to them that they have no power over where you are going.  No matter what level we’re on there will always be a SideLine Crew present.

The Beginners SideLine Crew attempts to stop us before we can really get started because they recognize what we possess even when we don’t.

The Intermediate SideLine Crew are a mixture of those from the previous level and those who we bump into along the way with their own issues against us.  Either way, one must remember to keep them on the side otherwise, they will be in the way.  They do not want us to make it any further and the envy is even higher on this level.

The Advance SideLine Crew  are the people from the last two levels and whoever else we made an enemy by reaching the top and living out the vision that was once a dream.  This is the level where the SideLine Crew is seriously anticipating the day we fall.  To be an authentic follower of Christ and successful, equals hate…Get ready for it!  Many will hate and wish death on us but it won’t prevail.  When God raise you up, man has no say so and I’m glad about it.

I realize that performing in front of the SideLine Crew can be intimidating to the fearful and the doubter for many reasons but if they keep the faith and continue to trust God, He will prepare a table before them in the PRESENCE of their enemies.  Shout about it now!


Psalm 23:5  Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.



~Earlene J.